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Kulfi Bite has traditionally been made using manual process. Kulfibite has now created history trademark registered. We have combined traditional and contemporary methods of making Kulfi , equipped with modern freezers and other storage units, by which we have been able to cater our product at long distances and country wide, hence also increasing its shelf life, without compromising its natural aroma and taste factor. which gives our Kulfi the Rich Creamy texture and Delicious Taste. It has been promoted with an aim to provide the best traditional recipes passed on over the generations . The manufacturing unit is highly sophisticated and provides modern facilities that enable us to perform scientific processing of food products in a hygienic way. You can get traditional flavors like Malai, Kesar Pista, Gulkand to the new exotic flavors like Blueberry, Coffee Walnut, Roasted Almond. Apart from Kulfis we also have Kulfi Milkshake, Kulfi Faloodas and Natural Ice Creams to give your Taste Buds a Treat!

Why Kulfi Bite?

From an ethical point we are proud of the fact that we sell Kulfis and Natural icecreams made with pure milk. We use no presevatives or vegetable oil to give extra softness to the ice-creams and kulfis. Kulfi Bite products are 100% natural and made of pure rich milk. That is our way of spreading happiness through our kulfis and natural ice-creams.


We adhere to high quality standards with respect to the ingredients that go into making our products. All are ingredients are sourced with care.


We maintain hygiene right from sourcing our ingredients, to preparing, to dispatching our finished products to the market. We acknowledge our responsibility towards the society.


To ensure that the freshness and flavours of our products remain intact till it reaches our consumers, we dispatch our products to the market on the day immediately after packing.